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My mother died from breast cancer in 1995. She was 59.


I remember after she had already had a mastectomy, watching her as she began to rub something annoying high on her chest. I thought to myself, “Oh no, not again.” Sure enough the cancer was back.


The first time I found a lump, I did not sleep that night. In the morning I got up and looked at how much Trauma Insurance I had. At the time it was something  like $500,000. It was like a security blanket or a plan B. My thinking was, “OK if this turns bad I will have the money to have the best treatment possible. I could fly overseas. At least we won’t be under pressure to pay the mortgage.”

Money doesn’t make it OK, but it relieves some pressure. Since then I have had lumps surgically removed, and had a number of biopsies. Everything is fine.

One Sunday night as our 30 year old daughter Lisa was leaving our house, she stated quietly, and quite matter of factually, that she had a lump in her breast.

It took me back at first, but I knew that the likelihood that it was cancer was remote. But we insisted she needed to get it checked immediately, just to be on the safe side. The next Tuesday Lisa saw the doctor. The doctor probably took one look at Lisa’s details: grandmother died of breast cancer, aunt with breast cancer, and thought I better make sure this is investigated properly! And she did. She rang around and organized a mammogram and ultra-sound for that afternoon.

To our great relief those little lump were just cysts.
It all felt quite surreal though, as the day of the tests was my mother’s birthday.
I asked Lisa afterwards, did she go check on the amount of Trauma Insurance she had on herself? “Oh, yes, I sure did!” she replied.

Yes, we are very biased. This is our business. We advise people to take out Trauma Insurance, Income Protection and Life Insurance. But we know first hand its’ true value. It is a bit of peace of mind. It is a Plan B.

We know the pain that eats into the heart and psyche of an entire family living through a cancer episode. Money should not be another concern to add fuel to the pain.


P.S. The photo is of Lisa, our daughter and her grandmother (Nana).

Kaye Ackerman (Stephen’s wife, and Lisa and David’s proud mother.)



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