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sueI am the eternal optimist; consequently I have never had insurance of any kind until I met Stephen Varker at my life coaching group. Stephen gently persuaded me to take out a number of insurances including Trauma Insurance. Approximately 1 year later I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I just so happened to be attending my life coaching group so shared my news with Stephen and his wife Kaye, who have since become friends. With the biggest look of concern on his face Steve immediately rang his office and asked Carol to check my policy as he knew I had Trauma cover. I’d totally forgotten about it. Within less than 3 weeks a really large sum of money was deposited into my account. I am one if the lucky ones who caught it early, I only needed a lumpectomy, a course of radiotherapy and a hormone pill for 5 years. Although I have top cover with HBF the amount of money outlay is┬ástill huge. The Trauma payout has eased the pain and anxiety that you really don’t need to have after being diagnosed with cancer, it has also enabled me to treat myself from time to time, good medicine! So, coming from the eternal optimist I have strongly recommended this insurance to all of the people that I care about in my life.

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