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Nick Parkes

The team at Lifelong Insurance Solutions have been a lifesaver for my family and I. During a friendly chat with Lisa Varker several years ago I was informed about the importance of Life Insurance, Income Protection and TPD insurance, especially for someone in the building industry like I was. It was something I hadn’t previously given much thought to, but planning for the future and covering ourselves for anything life can throw at you made sense, so I took out an occupation specific bundled policy with Lifelong.

A little while back I started to develop a lot of arthritic issues, and as I’m only in my 30’s this came as quite a surprise. Being a carpenter and roofer working on the tools, work became more difficult and painful as the weeks and months went on and the condition worsened. I was needing surgeries and a lot of time off work and was unsure how we would pay the bills and the medical expenses. Luckily for the policy I had taken out, I was covered by my Income Protection. Shortly thereafter my specialists told me that I wouldn’t ever be able to return to the physically demanding aspects of my work and my days ‘on the tools’ were over. It was at this point Lisa and Jenna recommended claiming on my occupation specific TPD policy, and so a claim was lodged. They guided me through the entire process and kept me informed with every step along the way. The claim was accepted by the insurance company and we couldn’t be happier with the result!

I would highly recommend Lifelong Insurance Solutions for any of your insurance needs, the team is amazing and they get results!


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