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markMy business partner and I had a shop fitting business. Everything was going really well. I couldn’t complain about anything really. Financially I thought we weren’t doing badly either. My wife and I had the house paid off. We had a bit of a debt on the business. We had a buy/sell agreement for the business and a few life insurance policies to cover any catastrophes. All in all, we were pretty right.

Stephen reviewed our Income Protection Insurance. I had a policy that paid a benefit for 6 years. I thought that would be enough. You can get over almost anything in six years. Stephen insisted that I had to have something that gave me a benefit to age 65. We also took Trauma Insurance to cover outstanding debts.

Less than one year later at the age of 41 disaster struck. I was dirt bike riding as I often did, and off I came. It changed my life forever. I was in hospital for months and then I was at home, with my wife helping to care for me on a day to day basis. I am in a wheel chair with a broken neck. I will never walk again I am told.

Our insurance cover has made a vast difference to our lives. I can not imagine how much worse our situation would have been if I had to cope with the heart breaking adjustment I had to make in my life and also be financially worse off. My wife doesn’t work as we have young children, but she would not have been able to continue to work anyway, as I need her help everyday. Maintaining our living standards and paying my medical expenses are not one of my worries. They could have been though.

Stephen recommended other policies that we didn’t take, but we are so grateful that he was so insistent that we get what we did. If my wife had been disabled like I am, we would have been much worse off, as she did not have the same insurance cover as I did. We would have lost my income while I nursed her. I now have cover on my wife.

I urge you to consider the worst case scenario. Unless you have a large passive income that comes in regardless of whether you and your partner work or not, I believe adequate insurance cover is essential.

I learnt the painful way, but I urge you to get quality advice from an expert and some one that cares.

Stephen helped fill out the claim forms with us, and advised us on many issues and repercussions. His knowledge of life insurance and the various products available were excellent.

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