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10 reasons why you should consider Lifelong Insurance Solutions



» Family owned and operated business. We will be here when you need us. We will not be poached to go and work for a bank’s insurance arm.

Our former name is Lifelong Financial Solutions.

» Life insurance is our passion. We do it everyday and have done for over 30 years. If you had sight problems would you visit your brain surgeon or would you see your optometrist?

» Experience in life insurance since 1980. Understands the pro and cons of the old policies and the new insurance policies. We use a comparator software program as well, to ensure that you are always getting a quality product.

» We will tell you what you need to know. We offer you what we consider the best policy in the market place, even if it is slightly more expensive. It is then up to you to decide what to do, because you are armed with all the facts. You may tell us that you don’t want to spend that much money and we will work out another strategy for you. There are certain policies that we would not have ourselves, and we certainly would not expect you to. When people “do it themselves” they think that they are going to save money, which is usually not true at all, but they may then think they are covered for most problems that may occur. Often to their horror at claim time, this is not the case.

» We are privately owned by the directors of the practice. We are not owned by a bank or any other product issuer

» We hold our own AFSL and are not licensed by a bank or any other product issuer

» We are not restricted in the products we can recommend and we are able to recommend any product which is in your best interests» We do not receive commissions or any other benefits from the issuers of the investment products we recommend

» We usually advise clients to take out products with various insurance companies, because they each vary in benefits. For example we may advise that you take out company “ABC” trauma insurance, and advise you to use “LMN” company for your income protection, and “XYZ” for your wife’s life insurance.

» We do not charge anymore than standard premiums for this personalized advice.

» Some women feel more comfortable talking to a female adviser about their needs and to fill out a health questionnaire. We have one!

» Claims. Claims. Claims. Claims is what makes life insurance advising more a calling than a job. We really help people in their darkest moment. Having Income Protection Insurance, for example when you are diagnosed with MS, just takes that little bit of pressure off people. We do not charge for organizing claim forms, and following up the claim if there are any issues. It concerns us that if you take out a policy with a faceless website or bank, who is really going to care if you do or don’t get paid. See Claims…Our passion.

» We have a dedicated team to process your applications and help you with any queries or enquiries you may have. We make dealing with insurance companies easy.

Lifelong Insurance Solutions

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